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Hide Game Evil Eyes

Players need to play in a limited time and quickly find the target number according to the prompts within the time and press it to complete the level mission.
Product Category :

Product Description

Evil Eyes Product Parameters:

1 Standard Area: 6m*6m, can customize as per your venue’s dimensions.

2 Rated Power: 600-800W

3 Rated Voltage: 110V-230V

4 Game Mode Quantity: 2 modes

How to play:

Players need to play in a limited time and quickly find the target number according to the prompts within the time and press it to complete the level mission while avoiding the laser launched from the Eyes by hiding behind the pillar.

Why choose us:

1 Latest and popular game series, making you stand out from your competitors;

2 Have successful cases in USA, Europe and Asia;

3 We are vertical set-up manufacturing vendor, ensuring efficient communication and service;

4 We have been committed to the amusement industry for 12 years, reducing your procurement risk.

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We will pack the products in good packages and they can be shipped by sea, by air or courier. Third party inspection can be done before shipment.
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We will provide detailed installation drawings and remote calibration via the remote-control software.
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