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Golf Simulator

Whether you are building a home simulator or are interested in a simulator for an entertainment center, or interested in becoming a distributor, we can help. We offer golf simulator and many related products in best prices.

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Golf Simulator Introduction

Golf Simulator Smart System

Intelligent system from Korea

Imported from Korea. 3D imaging technology to achieve dynamic effects of weather factors, wind speed, clouds, water, leaves. 1:1 restoration of real stadium data from the film source, pictures in high resolution.


98% accuracy

Using Dual high-speed camera sensor monitors and laser optics to track your game within 98% accuracy.

Golf Simulator Play 100 Renowned Courses

Play 100+ Renowned Courses

1:1 restoration of real stadium, courses in different difficulty, choose anyone and any hole you like.

Replay Function - Golf Simulator - Guangzhou Ysam Amusement

Replay Function

The next-to-you coach, record your swinging and playback automatically after each shot, improve your swinging.

Language System

Golf Simulator operating system currently supports Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English.

China - Golf Simulator - Guangzhou Ysam Amusement
japan - Golf Simulator - Guangzhou Ysam Amusement
Korea - Golf Simulator - Guangzhou Ysam Amusement
English - Golf Simulator - Guangzhou Ysam Amusement
auto tee up machine

Height-Adjustable Tee And Automatic Ball Feeding System

Height-adjustable tee and automatic ball feeding system with anti-clogging technology, Remembers each golfers’ preferred tee height during game play. Sloped floor returns balls to collect under system.

Golf Simulator Club-Swinging Data Analysis

Club-Swinging Data Analysis

Data including flight distance, LIR angle, hitting angle, ball speed, club speed, back spin and side spin.

Four Game Modes e1705478780906 - Golf Simulator - Guangzhou Ysam Amusement

Four Game Modes

Four game modes including game practice, driving range, approach putting and stroke.

Course Software Display

103 Famous Courses in Different Difficulty Levels

Click on the image for a larger view

Accessories In Premium Quality

Ysam provides golf simulator accessories in premium quality, delivering a better golf experience.

Auto Tee up Machine - Golf Simulator - Guangzhou Ysam Amusement

Auto Tee-up Machine

Three options for thickness: 185mm,165mm and 125mm. Can remembers each golfers’ preferred tee height.

Automatic Ball Dispenser - Golf Simulator - Guangzhou Ysam Amusement

Automatic Ball Dispenser

Plug and use ball dispenser. Three options: standard version, software linkable version and movable version. Each can contain 200 pcs of balls.

Soft Padding - Golf Simulator - Guangzhou Ysam Amusement

Soft Padding

Three options for covering fabrics: PU, linen and corduroy. Tell us your room dimension and your request, we can quote and customize for you.

Strike Pad - Golf Simulator - Guangzhou Ysam Amusement

Strike Pad

Strike pad for simulator which will improve your experience.

Putting Turf - Golf Simulator - Guangzhou Ysam Amusement

Putting Turf

Anti Impact Screen - Golf Simulator - Guangzhou Ysam Amusement

Anti-Impact Screen

Support customization, double-layered screen is also available.

Net - Golf Simulator - Guangzhou Ysam Amusement


Support customization.

How We Help to Build Your Golf Studio?

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Golf Simulator Application Scenarios

Ysam provide golf simulator solutions in different scenarios.

Simple Package At Home




Deluxe Package At Home


Golf Simulator Overview

What’s golf simulator?

The golf simulator is installed and implemented indoors and is used with real balls and ball clubs, applying the 3D imaging technology to achieve dynamic effects of weather factors, wind speed, clouds, water, leaves, 1:1 restoration of real stadium data from the film source, pictures in high resolution, which can help you to analyze your swing, understand your weaknesses and improve your golf skill without having to play outdoor.

How do golf simulators work?

The golf simulator is equipped with a high-speed camera and computer. Once you swing, the camera will take many pictures of the ball during its flight, then the computer will calculate its trajectory and its destination. Combining with the course environment data, the system presents the destination it arrives at.

What is the best golf simulator technology?

Usually there are three technologies: infrared, high-speed camera and radar. Infrared technology which the golf simulator used before, it is with less accuracy and in less price. But now most golf simulators apply high-speed camera technology, which has higher accuracy and a bit higher price than the infrared ones. The golf experience is much real while the cost won’t increase too much. For the radar technology which is mostly applied in most professional-used golf simulator and it has the highest accuracy and highest price. That’s why high-speed camera golf simulators are so popular in the market, they are with high accuracy and affordable prices.

How will golf simulators improve your golf skills?

Golf simulators help you improve your game by offering various swing data and game modes including hole practice mode, driving mode and putting mode which you don’t need to travel to the real stadium but you just like playing in the real stadium. And through the swing data detected, you know how well you play and how to improve your swing.

FAQs About Golf Simulator

1.Do you sell the whole set, what items included? Can I buy the software only?

Yes, we sell a whole set, including the detector, computer with software and cabinet, ball-supply machine, projector, strike pad and anti-impact curtain, sound equipment and cables. Or the computer with software and detector only.

If you want to install the ball-return system. Then for the platform and ceiling, you need to hire a carpenter to do that and we’ ll send you drawings for the details. For the equipment, you can install them by yourself as our drawings show. 

Yes, before you confirm the order we can make a 2D drawing for you. After you confirm the order, we can make a 3D model for you, additional charge is not needed.

We provide 12 months warranty for the computer, detector and ball-supply machine, 24 months warranty for projector and lifelong technical guidance.

Yes, for sure very competitive, we offer wholesale price even if you buy one set only.

Inquiry – Quotation – Confirm PI – Deposit – Production -Balance payment -Shipping-After-sales service. 5-15 days, depends on the quantity.

Length 6-7m, Width 5m, Height 3-3.2m

Firstly, build the platform, install the soft padding, then install the screen and equipment and wiring, lastly lay the putting turf.

The strike pad is specially designed and manufactured for the golf simulator, it will not reflect the light from the ceiling and reduce the performance of the sensor, making sure the sensor can detect the ball on the strike pad well.

We sincerely hope to expand our sales network and provide golf simulator products in premium quality to customers all over the world.

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