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Dart Machine

Dart machine for sale, which can link to the internet, can compete with players from all over world
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Product Description

Dart Machine Product Parameters:

1 Dimension: 80*60*207cm

2 Rated Voltage: 110V-230V

How to play dart machine:

1 Pay and press the button to start

2 Choose game mode and play

3 Can link and PK with any players whoever are playing the game

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Order Process

Venue Planning
Provide us your venue’s information, we can make a drawing for you
Confirm Order and Deposit
Until you are satisfied with the design, pay deposit and we’ll start production.
Lead time is around 5-15 days based on your order quantity.
Balance Payment
We’ll send you the video of the finished products for your inspection. And you pay for the balance.
We will pack the products in good packages and they can be shipped by sea, by air or courier. Third party inspection can be done before shipment.
Installation Assistance
We will provide detailed installation drawings and remote calibration via the remote-control software.
Maintenance Advice
Contact us if you meet any problem during the operation of the equipment.

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